PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LOCTITE ECCOBOND UF 3915 provides the following product characteristics: Technology Epoxy Appearance Black liquid Cure Snap Cure or Heat cure Product Benefits ● Halogen free ● One component ● Snap curable ● Fast flow ● High Tg ● Easy rework ● High fracture toughness ● Excellent thermal cycle performance...

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A Study of Underfill Dispensing Process

Abstract The underfill dispensing process has been studied through material characterization and application of statistical tools. Coefficient of Planar Penetrance (COPP) introduced by Schwiebert and Leong3 was used to evaluate the flow performance of three types of underfills. It is dependent on the viscosity, the surface tension, ...

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LOCTITE® 3505™ is a one part, heat curable epoxy. It is designed for use as a reworkable CSP(FBGA) or BGA underfill for protection of solder joint against mechanical stress when used for hand held electronics devices. It cures rapidly on exposure to heat. It is designed to give excellent protection from failure due to mechanical stress...

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产品描述: EP313(原3113)底部填充胶是单组分热固化的环氧胶。可快速固化,具有高粘接性能、低模量和可修复性。耐候性佳,贮存稳定性好。可用于针筒点胶。 典型用途 用于倒装芯片中球栅阵列(BGA)和芯片尺寸封装(CSP)等的封装中。   点击下载:HYSTIC-UNDERFILL-EP313-TDS-CN  

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日本盛势达 Sunstar Penguin Cement 1027S TDS中文版

可重工底部填充胶   Penguin Cement 1027S # 1027S是一款不仅具有很强的抗机械冲击性能,同时韧性增强的环氧底部填充胶。其最佳的玻璃化转变温度使得#1027S不仅易于返修,同时具有优良的热循环性能。 典型性能: 点击下载: 1027S-TDS-CN

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3500™ underfill cures quickly at low temperature to minimize thermal stress to other components and provide rapid device throughput. When cured, it provides excellent protection for solder joints against mechanical stress, such as shock, drop, and vibration common in hand-held devices. The material is also reworkable, allowing for an e...

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Indium NF260 No-Flow Underfi ll

Introduction NF260 is a No-Flow Underfill, designed for Chip Scale Package (CSP) and BGA or Flip-Chip assemblies using a single refl ow process. It offers both a fl uxing and underfi lling capability for the chip while providing increased reliability and environmental protection. Designed for the Pb-Free soldering process, NF260 ...

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Hysol UF3801

Hysol UF3801 tds 点击下载:UF3801-EN

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Henkel electronic solutions


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Hysol Underfill

The proliferation of handheld devices and the trend toward thinner, less rigid PCB's are driving the demand for improved shock resistance and increased electronic device reliability. Hysol® package level underfill encapsulants meet stringent JEDEC level testing requirements and are compatible with the high temperature processi...

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