RP-113178 Pick and Place Underfilm

RP-113178 Pick and Place Underfilm Features Enhances CSP and BGA solder joint reliability Reduces cost by combining pick and place plus soldering in one heating pass (no dispensing). No capital expense or equipment required Compatible with existing lead and Pb-free materials and reflow profiles. Air or nitrogen reflow co...

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RE-123718 系列可贴装式底部填充胶膜

产品特点: 提高 CSP 和 BGA 焊点的可靠性。在加热过程中,通过贴装加 焊接相结合的方式降低成本(无需点胶工序)。 无资本支出,设备和额外场地的需求。 生产员工最少化以降低劳动成本。 与现有无铅焊接材料的回流温度曲线一致,无需额外调整。 空气或氮气保护回流兼容。 无需线路板预烘 100% 可返工 符合RoHS及无卤的环保要求 AOI设备易于识别 应用...

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White I Shape Underfilm

1、Scope 2、Cpk Data 3、Description and Application 3.1 Description 3.2 Application 4、Material Requirements 4.1 Material Properties 4.2 Converted Film Requirements 4.3 Factory Automation and Identification 4.4 Material Storage, Packaging and Shipment 4.5 User Manufacturing Environments   downlo...

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Reains Underfilm Introduction

Why Underfill/Underfilm Solder joint  Cracking due to    Pb-free solder application Must apply underfill or  underfill film to enhance   the solder reliabilities Thermal Bond UF Advantage • Efficiency Application 1. Reflowable thermal bonding film are easily chip on the circuit board  use standard SMT machine and reflow prof...

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION UF3037 provides the following product characteristics: Technology Epoxy Appearance Black liquid Product Benefits ● One component ● Reworkable ● Fast cure at low temperatures ● Compatible with most Pb-free and halogen-free solders ● Very good impact and thermal cycle resistant performance Cure Heat cure A...

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BGA Package Underfilm for Autoplacement

BGA Package Underfilm for Autoplacement Jan Danvir Tom Klosowiak NIST-ATP Acknowledgment AcknowledgmentProject Brief Microelectronics Manufacturing Infrastructure (October 1998)Wafer-Scale Applied Reworkable Fluxing Underfill for Direct Chip AttachDevelop new materials and technology needed to allow existing integrated-circuit ...

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PLACE-N-BOND Partial UnderfilmTechnology

PLACE-N-BOND Partial UnderfilmTechnology Alltemated, Inc. Arlington Heights, IL United States of America Steveh@alltemated.com Dave.Skupien@ActionIR.com Randy.Temple@ActionIR.com Testing and Implementation Reliability analysis (Underfilmvs. Bare) To further review the capability of the Partial UnderfilmTechnology, we condu...

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世界首款焊点包裹加固材料 -SMT256和SMT266环氧树脂助焊剂 YINCAE ADVANCED MATERIALS, LLC 英凯高级材料有限公司   怎样做到焊点包裹保护 – SMT256/266 SMT256和SMT266都有从焊盘与焊锡球上去除金属氧化物的功效, 并有助于焊点的更好形成 在回流焊接过程中,SMT256和SMT266能固化形成3-D网络式聚合物包裹在焊点周围  SMT256和SMT266在焊接...

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Rugged Embedded SSDs Sharpen Their Appeal Thanks to advancing flash semiconductor development, solid-state drive vendors are able to offer faster, denser products. And new form factor standards provide the increased ruggedness military systems demand. evelopers of military systems are increasingly turning to solidstate drives (SS...

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UnderfillTraining Report Content Flip Chip Technology UnderfillProcess UnderfillMachine UnderfillEpoxy UnderfillFailure Mode Analysis Applied Component and Foreground of Underfill   download files: Underfill知识培训-硬盘行业从业经验

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